Mash with nduja and black olives in the oven - L'Italiano Recipe

Mash with nduja and black olives in the oven

Time: 15min

Historically the nduja is a poor dish, born to use pork waste 


Crunchy crushes with extra virgin olive oil 12
Nduja   250 g
Baked black olives   12

Made with N'duja 10kg

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The spianatine with nduja and baked black olives are an irresistible and pleasantly spicy finger food. If you love strong flavors, these small crunchy delights are right for you!
La nduja is in fact, a spreadable salami that contains Calabrian hot pepper and gives this particular salami its unmistakable taste.
We have combined nduja with oven-dried black olives that create a contrast of color and with their flavor they are ideal to combine with this kind of appetizers! You can also choose to pair black or Gaeta olives if you prefer!
You just have to start preparing this simple and delicious recipe of spianatine with nduja and black olives in the oven!  

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