Millefeuille of vegetables with gomasio and sesame seeds - L'Italiano Recipe

Millefeuille of vegetables with gomasio and sesame seeds

Time: 1 hour


3 & nbsp; carrot
2 & nbsp; cucumbers
1 & nbsp; red pepper
1 & nbsp; yellow pepper
1 & nbsp; celery heart
1 & nbsp; fennel
1 head & nbsp ; Belgian salad
7 tbsp & nbsp; sesame seeds
1 tsp & nbsp; whole salt

Made with Spirulina gomasio_100gr + aromatic gomasio_100gr

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Prepare the vegetables. Eliminate petiole, seeds and white ribs of 1 & nbsp; red pepper & nbsp; and 1 & nbsp; yellow pepper. Tick ??and peel 3 & nbsp; carrots & nbsp; and 2 & nbsp; cucumbers. Clean 1 & nbsp; fennel, 1 head of & nbsp; Belgian salad & nbsp; and 1 heart of & nbsp; celery. Wash the vegetables, dry them and cut them into thin slices. & Nbsp; You can cut the vegetables into thin slices, using a potato peeler, the whisk grater, or, if you have one, an electric slicer. & Nbsp;
& nbsp; & nbsp; & bull; Make the puff pastry. Mash 5 & nbsp; spoons of & nbsp; sesame seeds & nbsp; gi & agrave; toasted with 1 teaspoon of & nbsp; whole salt. Arrange the vegetables, alternating them, in layers in a baking dish or in a pan (arrange the vegetables by crossing them first vertically then horizontally: in this way, the puff pastry will remain more compact). Sprinkle each layer with the mix of homemade & nbsp; gomasio. & Nbsp;
& nbsp; & nbsp; & bull; Complete. Continue, until you finish the ingredients, in order to obtain a & nbsp; millefeuille & nbsp; 5-6 cm thick. Seal the puff pastry with cling film, overlap a cutting board or a plate in which to place a weight (stone, meat tenderizer or bowl full of water). Let it sit in the refrigerator for about 5 hours. & Nbsp;
& nbsp; & nbsp; & bull; Place it on the plate and bring to the table. Eliminate any vegetation water, cut the & nbsp; puff pastry with raw vegetables & nbsp; into turrets, sprinkle with other & nbsp; sesame seeds & nbsp; and serve. & Nbsp;

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