The sweetness of the hazelnut embraces the spiciness of chilli The characteristically sweet, fragrant flavour of the Nocciola Piemonte P.G.I. hazelnut encounters the bold piquancy of chilli, creating a perfect contrast that combines with the aroma of the roasting and the zestiness of the salt to become a true explosion of taste! Ideal for pre-dinner drinks or on a break during the day. A traditional taste reworked thanks to a winning combination. INGREDIENTS Roasted Nocciola Piemonte PGI hazelnuts 95%, 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil 3%, salt 1%., chilli powder 1%. Net weight: 80 g

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Salted hazelnuts with chilli pepper 80 gr x 24  pcs

  • Brand: Golosalba
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Tags: piemonte

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