Capocollo Calabrese is obtained from the processing of the upper portion of the neck of the maile and from a part of the shoulder. The meats are salted and massaged carefully by hand and then stuffed into a natural casing and left to mature for more than 90 days at controlled temperature and humidity. During the salting, spices and aromatic herbs typical of the Calabrian recipe are added, including the inevitable chili powder. INGREDIENTS: Pork, salt, natural flavors and spices. Sugars: dextrose and sucrose. Antioxidants: E301. Preservatives: E250-E252. Gluten free

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Capocollo 10kg

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Tags: Capocollo, Calabrese, is, obtained, from, the, processing, of, the, upper, portion, of, the, neck, of, the, maile, and, from, a, part, of, the, shoulder., The, meats, are, salted, and, massaged, carefully, by, hand, and, then, stuffed, into, a, natural, casing, and, left, to, mature, for, more, than, 90, days, at, controlled, temperature, and, humidity., During, the, salting, spices, and, aromatic, herbs, typical, of, the, Calabrian, recipe, are, added, including, the, inevitable, chili, powder., INGREDIENTS:, Pork, salt, natural, flavors, and, spices., Sugars:, dextrose, and, sucrose., Antioxidants:, E301., Preservatives:, E250-E252., Gluten, free

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