• Sparkling malvasia
San Michele Vitivinicola was born back in 1957 with the commitment of dozens of Minervino Murge winemakers in the transformation of the members' grapes. Animated by the love for their land, they begin to produce various types of wines, cultivating sapling and espalier vineyards. The purpose of this Cooperative is to enhance the indigenous grape varieties, in an area that extends to the foot of the Alta Murgia National Park, a few kilometers from the wonderful Castel del Monte. The spirit of union and sacrifice leads to the increase of the membership base which today has about 250 members. Today's production is therefore considerable and sees a strong point in organic agriculture, which constitutes one third of the total production, in the name of the ideal of respect for the territory and love for nature that have animated the members since the beginning. Production is varied: it goes from whites, such as Moscato Bianco to reds, such as Aglianico. The main product is Nero di Troia, typical of the area.

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Sparkling malvasia

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Tags: San, Michele, Vitivinicola, was, born, back, in, 1957, with, the, commitment, of, dozens, ofMinervino, Murge, winemakers, in, the, transformation, of, the, members', grapes., Animated, by, the, love, for, their, land, they, begin, to, produce, various, types, of, wines, cultivating, sapling, and, espalier, vineyards.The, purpose, of, this, Cooperative, is, to, enhance, the, indigenous, grape, varieties, in, an, area, thatextends, to, the, foot, of, the, Alta, Murgia, National, Park, a, few, kilometers, from, the, wonderfulCastel, del, Monte.The, spirit, of, union, and, sacrifice, leads, to, the, increase, of, the, membership, base, which, today, has, about250, members.Today's, production, is, therefore, considerable, and, sees, a, strong, point, in, organic, agriculture, which, constitutes, one, third, of, the, total, production, in, the, name, of, the, ideal, of, respect, for, the, territory, andlove, for, nature, that, have, animated, the, members, since, the, beginning.Production, is, varied:, it, goes, from, whites, such, as, Moscato, Bianco, to, reds, such, as, Aglianico.The, main, product, is, Nero, di, Troia, typical, of, the, area.