• Arancine alla norma fritte - 220 gr (fried and frozen product) x 15  pcs
PRODUCT NAME ARANCINI IN ACCORDANCE WITH STANDARDS 220g PEAR SHAPED WEIGHT PER SALE UNIT 5,500g T.MC (Maximum Storage Temperature) -18 ° C STORAGE TIME 12 months from the date of packaging TRANSPORT TEMPERATURE -18 ° C STORAGE CONDITIONS Cell from -18 ° C to - 26 ° C INGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS: Broth (ingredients: water, salt, flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate; sugar, fructose, onion powder, apple juice powder, flavorings, acidity corrector: citric acid; spices, turmeric, garlic), rice, butter, water, salt, flavorings, filling: cheese (milk, rennet, salt), mozzarella (ingredients: milk, salt, rennet, acidity regulator, citric acid ), tomato sauce (ingredients: peeled tomato, double concentrate (ingredients: tomatoes, acidity regulator: citric acid ), onion, olive oil, salt, flavorings) fresh aubergines, external breadcrumbs (water, flour type 00, breadcrumbs), s ale, bifractionated palm oil

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Arancine alla norma fritte - 220 gr (fried and frozen product) x 15 pcs

  • Brand: Suare
  • Product Code: SUARE.ARSN02_220
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